Marketing Firm Leakages, Marketing, Media

Marketing Firm Leakages, Marketing, Media

Marketing is one of the key aspects in every business that allows for growth and expansion. The marketing-mix involving price, promotion, people, and place are some key elements that are often used to ensure effective marketing. But, in the 21st century marketing advertisement is a major element that determines the success of any business venture. This is because, during adverts, the features, qualities and usefulness of the products are made known to the public.

They can either attract or repels clients depending on whether they appreciate the product or not. But, effective advertisement has always proven to be of great benefit to most businesses. Another thing to note about marketing is the price of the product, most individuals are usually concerned about the price during advertisement. Some marketers usually place a promotional price which is often discounted from the actual price.

Some marketers may engage in direct

This is mostly intended to get the attention of the customer or potential client. Promotions are usually for a period of time, some may last for a few days while others take about a month or two. Marketing is crucial to the life-span of any business, no matter the amount of products being produced, it takes marketers to create awareness. In creating awareness, there are some channels used by marketers to reach their targeted customers.

Some marketers may engage in direct sales marketing whereby they get to take the products to the consumers. Others may utilize various media channels like social media, radio, television, magazines, fliers, hand-bills, bill-boards, and many others. These are some common channels that are often used to get client’s attention and to create awareness of the products to the consumers. The aim of the every advertisement or marketing program is to get loyalty from consumers or clients.

Marketing Firm Leakages, Marketing, Media

If at the end of any marketing program, there company registered no clients; it means the program wasn’t successful. Getting people to patronize your company and make demands or request for your products is the goal behind every marketing-mix. In getting to know customers or potential clients, certain details are usually required from them. This may includes: emails, phone numbers, home address, names, and zip codes.

It is required of the company collecting such sensitive details not to disclose them to unauthorized persons or users. The customer usually provide this information in confidence, hoping that they will not be compromised or exposed to unsecured sites on the net. But, it is quite unfortunate some companies have exposed certain vital information that were given to them for the purpose of trust. This has further exposed the owners of such information to hacks and other scamming sites.

By exposing confidential details or sharing them on sites that are not protected it makes the them vulnerable to being hacked. To avoid this scenario, there is need to avoid sharing sensitive information like emails, phone numbers and details that can expose them to internet fraudsters. Marketing agents and companies trying to engage in targeted marketing are advised to exercise caution to ensure users details are kept or stored in protected sites on the internet.

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